Knowing the Author

Thank you for stopping by.
It's an honor to have you read this page.
I often look for the author's profile when blogwalking, just to get the feel that I know them personally. Lately my new blogger friend Nunik from remind me of its importance and I think she's right.
So, here we are..

My name is Evy Savitri, a housewife and a mum, with one wonderful husband and two lovely boys.
My parents sent me to a Dental School in University of Indonesia. After that I got the opportunity to work in my almamater as a lecturer in Dentomaxillofacial Radiology Dept. until 2007. Later on I decided to follow my husband who has to work abroad, left my big family and my work behind. I still keep contact with my dental world by joining my best friends when they built a dental clinic in Jakarta called The Smile Center.

My passion is learning. I found blog as a perfect outlet to be able to do that, believing that knowledge is written all over the world. For sure Allah SWT wants us to learn from the creation around us. Writing it down as a journal and compilation of my interpretation of what happens around us will help me learn all of God's knowledge, even though it's only a drop of water on the ocean.

At the end I want to make an impact by reminding myself and those who kindly enough to stop by about our One and Only Greatest Creator, who is directing our lives, and that learning is a never ending process we need to do until our time is up.

Learning is a never ending journey and education is the best investment that we can give to our kids and their kids and their kids and their kids, and on and on and on.

Living abroad has made me realize that I am so small.  A tiny dot in a universe. On the other side it's a must to a human to try their best to make a little positive impact. In my case from my writing.

A little note: English is not my primary language and I am still learning to use it properly. Writing some of the pieces in this blog in English helped me a lot. Hopefully you don't mind to correct me here and there :)

What do I do for fun? I'm trying and learning to do some crafting: paper craft, painting, drawing, make a quilt. Love photograph, sometimes make some noise with our drum set,  hit some balls through tennis, sew some appliques on a blanket, try to speak Spanish -CaraceƱo way. Basically anything that is interesting and we can keep learning from it. It just fun to try to do it and knowing that the more you learn the less you know..

Let's learn together.
Never judge others.
We should be too busy improving ourselves, instead of making assumption of what we don't know for sure.
Making this world a bit better than yesterday, everyday.

I'm wishing you a great adventure in life as well as making the most of it.

With warm regards,


khanifa said...

gotcha, mbak evy! fkg ui angkatan 1997 kan? sepupuku fkg ui angkatan 1996. kakak sulungku sastra ui angkatan 1994.

mungkin mbak evy kenal sepupuku, mbak siti kartika nurhayati.

EPHO's said...

Hehehe, bisa aja Re.
Kayaknya kakak sepupu Re panggilannya Ati ya? Beliau tepatnya adek kelasku, Re. Gapapa sih kalau aku dibilang lebih muda :)

khanifa said...

wah, salah deh saya :) iya, panggilannya mbak Ati. :)

EPHO's said...

Gada yg salah lagiii... Salam ya untuk Ati kalo pas ketemu *jangan2 blio ngga kenal, malah jd malu deh :)

k.harindi said...

asalamualaikum kak evy, sebelumnya perkenalkan saya kiki.
saya tertarik sekali dengan blog kakak, fun dan insipiring!
saya boleh berkenalan kak?
dan jika diperkenankan, boleh saya mengetahui lebih banyak cerita dan pengalaman kakak tentang dan selama di trini?
terima kasih kak sebelumnya. :)

EPHO's said...

Waalaikumsalam Kiki, mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya, karena baru sempat membalas sekarang. Sudah lama ndak masuk blog via kompi, jadi baru sempat membalas komen Kiki sekarang. By the way, please check your email ya. Insya Allah kita bisa silaturahim jarak jauh. Terima kasih sudah mampir....

Sari said...

evy bagus deh blog kamu.,,,, love, mbak ratna angkatan 91

EPHO's said...

Thank you, mbak Ratna, dah mampir ke Caracas :)

Smartphone Terbaru said...

wah bagus banget nih blognya....salam kenal dan semoga tetap sukses.

Eka said...

Assalamualaikum, mbak..

MAaf, bisa tidak saya minta contact mbak yang bisa buat komunikasi? (mislanya email atau apa) >.< Maaf ya, datang-datang nodong contact

Saya pengen tanya-tanya soal Trinidad >.<

Dan susah sangat dapat info soal Trinidad di google. Searching sana-sini tak adapat info apa-apa (selain info-info umum). Akhirnya setelah semingguan jungkir baling bongkar mbah ggole, saya nemu blog mbak.. orang Indonesia yang punya pengalaman tinggal di Trinidad,

Sebenarnya saya mau dilamar sama orang Trinidad,.. dan nanti setelah nikah ya harus ikut dia ke sana. Itu sebabnya saya jadi getting cold feet gini ^^; huhuhuh...

EPHO's said...

To Smartphone: thank you! Sukses sell juga
To Eka: of course, kebetulan mash ada kana Indonesia di TT. Let me know through Oya, di Indonesia juga ada buku "Living Abroad" karya Mbak Nurul Asmayani, dkk. Ada article tenting TT di sana