Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wobbly Woman Goes Traveling

We just arrived back home in Caracas after more than two weeks vacation in Spain. It's not our first time, but we had a different travel experience as a week before leaving I sprained my ankle. So I had to go with cast and crutches.

Never in my life I imagine this can happen. Although it said that 25,000 person per DAY has this injury, where one or more ligaments on the outer side of your ankle were stretched or torn. It's not a pretty situation especially when you imagine walking on cobblestone streets in Madrid, for example, during winter when most likely it's wet, with crutches. However, I think it would be a different story if it happened in Indonesia, where a masseuse can help and you'd walk again in no time. That how strong an Indonesian can be!

Anyway, it was quite a drama for me, not because of the situation, it's more of the way I handle it. Traveling that should be a relaxing time (this statement should be arguable and becomes one more topic to write next time) could turn to be very stressful. Especially when it didn’t go the way you expect it to be. Of course it's all about adjusting expectations, knowing the limit and most importantly keeping positive attitude in every situation! Which for me is the hardest part of the challenge.

But you know what, I learned a lot about having a disability friendly city. Thinking that we have to design our cities, big or small, to be more explorable for people with special needs independently. I do now have concern about it and think that I was quite selfish for never thinking about it before.

On the other side, reading an article in BBC Travel ( has made me realize that travel is not just for the sake of traveling or relaxing. It’s really more than that. Unfortunately we often forget the philosophy and idea behind it. 

In my case, I often take it for granted as if it’s something that I deserve to have. We were “easily” traveling to five countries in two months and think that’s normal, and I'm not even trying to humblebrag. Again, like a slap in the face I realized how selfish/arrogant I am to think that way.

At the end I learned that it’s totally a privilege, to be able to travel how near or far. And I should’ve be more grateful for the opportunity. But of course, it came after a series of drama and complaints from my mouth! I AM that bad.

The story continues ...
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” 
Mark Twain