Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Super Random Thoughts

August, the time when it starts all over again.

Coming back here has never been the easiest thing to do. Nevertheless, it's good to be back home. Where the routines are waiting for you and the people you talk to understand about what you're saying.

Only certain people knows how it feels to be threatened by the immigration officer who said that you couldn't leave the country because you didn't bring certain documents or because the signature of your husband on the travel permit was sliiiightly different from the other document. Only certain people understand how it feels to stand in front of the cashier that kept saying that your card didn't work even though you're 1000% sure there's enough money, while you had four bottles of precious oil in your cart that could make you cry if they took them away from you...

This year though, as it will be our fifth year here, I started to realize that all those challenges can be faced everywhere in the world. Maybe in different form, but still a challenge. The thing is I have to admit that what happens to me now is the result of the choice that I made a while ago. It's not that it fell from the sky. I chose to live like this. So I learned to shut my mouth, when we see our family or friends back home, from telling them of what we face here on daily basis. If I ever telling them the story, merely to let them know that no matter what Indonesia has a bright future as a big country if we choose or decide to be one. I would tell the story on how is life in Venezuela only and if only we can learn from it, and make a better decision about our own country.

Learning from where we live now, I think the most important thing for us is putting the bigger goal above all. Me and you, can have different opinion about almost everything, right? But just because we're different, should we argue over every single "small" things, waste our energy to criticize others and put aside the fact that we want a GREAT country for OUR CHILDREN to live years and years, even after we're gone?

Whether we like or not, diversity is the most universal thing in the world. Same thing in Indonesia. We will meet and live with different types of people, in race, religion, language, culture, value, and so on and so on. Just understand that we are different, understand the difference, then respect the difference.

As simple as what this surah said (Quran 109):

"I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship.
And I will not worship what you worship, nor will you worship what I worship.
Your way is yours, and my way is mine."

Understand that people are different, but our treatment should be the same to all: kindly and fairly

If we sincerely care for people around us, especially our own people, our own nation, we can make our country big. Start by small choices we can make everyday. It can be as small as deciding to give a smile to the first person we meet on the way to school/office/etc - whoever they are, or as easy as deciding only saying a positive thought for the first conversation we have today. It can be anything positive! If we spread generosity, kind to others, soften our heart and show that we care, it will be easier to focus on a bigger goal: making Indonesia a great place to live for our children and to be proud of.

Umar (ra) said, “Generosity is an easy thing. It is a smiling face and kind words.”

Understand that people are different, but our treatment should be the same to all: kindly and fairly

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