Apparently, We Don't Need Much

Usually on the weekends we have water rationing in our neighbourhood. Means we won't have water during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

So far I feel lucky that at least we have water for the rest of the week. Many people on the other side of the city will not have water for two weeks, or even more, without knowing when it will be available. Moreover the apartment itself has its own water tank, huge one, that can supply the twelve families who live here for the weekend. As long as we use it cautiously *I think there's another word for this, but I can't remember it for now.

Anyway, since 12 am last night, officially it's Saturday 00.00, we don't have water at all. Nothing, none! I suppose somehow the pump stopped working since yesterday, so the tank was not filled as usual. Yesterday night we had Eid dinner for several friends from the office, so yes I had a big pile of dishes and utensils that could have done something bad for my temper this morning. Luckily we have finished clean it up right on time, which is 00.30 am, so I could wake up feeling relieved.

With no water, the four of us have all the reason for being chillax the whole morning. After time passed 12 pm, it just didn't feel right anymore. So the boys went to school to swim and take a shower, and I stay home trying to take care some dishes from the breakfast and figure out how to take a bath myself.

The dishes were done, with half bucket of water (we do have couple of big bucket of water and some refill bottles, so it works for now). Take a bath? That can be a problem, since I loooove taking shower. After working around it for a while, I found out that I just need 5 scoops of water to clean up myself. Plus 3 scoops of water to do the ablution (wudhu'). That's all!

Thinking about that, I was reminded on how little actually we need. I've done it before, I mean 5 scoops of water para bañar, when we were in Semarang and needed to go to the water company (PT PAM) every once in a while after school to collect water and bring it home. But doing it again after all this time and after got through many thing in life (I mean: old...) is just refreshing (?, again not sure if this is the right word). I just realized that after all, we only need a little of everything. We don't necessary need many things that we collect or buy or have right now.

Unintentionally we have been trying to minimize things. The fact that we have to move every now and then make me realize that the less the better. You don't want to spent the last months of your stay in a country sorting things out, which ones should be sold, which one should be donated, etc etc.  Last time I moved to this place, I remember that we only needed some clothes, documents and a rice cooker. And around six months we lived with that (plus some plates and utensils that I bought later on).

I also bought the bed sheet that we use for the master bed four years ago. Since then we just wash it whenever it needs to be cleaned and right away we use it again. One bed sheet for the whole four years! And that's apparently enough ... When we are travelling we also try to minimize our luggage and bring only a carry-on for each of us. Less fuss, less stress and it works well! I even wrote a piece about travelling light on

How little we actually need. So why waste on things, materialistic things?
This is me asking myself.


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