Monday, September 2, 2013

When You Have Nothing At All

We just came back from summer vacation, knowing that the price of goods would be raised by now. Still when we found out that the rate went almost 30% in 1.5 month, it hit me by surprise.
Call me stupid or silly, I just don't get it!
It started when one side claimed winning the election and the other side claimed that they lost because the other side was cheating. But only one people or one group of people who have been working hard to fight for their right! The others, busy chatting and cursing, doing nothing than talking.

The supplies that famously gone from the market since forever, is getting worst nowadays. There was time when buying gallon of water was like buying something illegal. There's nothing on the market so we had to go around and found people who's willing to sell it to us. Same thing with rice, that the vendor would only sell it to certain people. If you are the right person, they will give it to you through the back door and make the transaction while whispering. Since when water and rice became gold?

Grocery shopping has never been my favorite. Here, it became a tasks with a lot of pressure. You have to go to several places to find one thing. The whole day could just go by, and still you go home with a long list. 

One thing that has bothered me a lot is when you in the line on cashier in supermarket, then people in front of you had to put back some of their groceries because the number that's shown up on the screen's getting higher than the money that they have in hand. Not saying I've never been there...
But how can you go home with several packs of milk, when some people could not even buy one? It's just a horrible feeling, and I don't like that... Even though we have the money, it doesn't feel right to spend it even on our basic necessity.

Then we have people who will buy the whole big bag of milk powder, then send his security guard to buy another one, then send the driver to buy another one. Unbelievable!

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