Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updates from the Land of Beauty

Maybe these articles below are just people's opinions.
Nevertheless, knowing how it feels to live here, I can relate to it.
It's a truth, that many people can't understand.

This is the land of the most beautiful people in the world live, but somehow, they lost something...

This is the story that relates to me, when I felt trapped inside this country, not knowing if I can go any where if I need to.

While this story reflects what I see or feel on daily basis.  

The link below had given me a clearer view on how all this happened. No direct link though, as they may be able to track it (believe me, I know people who simply can't buy a new car, even get any job just because his name is on 'the' list). So if you're interested just copy this:

This is one of the day when I need some inspiration on how to enjoy another day in this beautiful country. Lucky me, alhamdulillah, gracias a Dios, it's not even a war zone like Palestine or Syria.

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