Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tale by Arif B

Pansel and Mretel
By: Arif Baskara
Once upon a time there were 2 parents called Pansel and Mretel , both of them were so nice they let the children have all the food they wanted. They had 2 evil children called Hansel and Gretel these kids were so evil they actually played deadly games like putting them right in front of a forest fire and about to get arrowed by Hansel. Their family had low food amount and only bread! They all tried to share but they only had 2 pieces of bread left and didn’t have any more fertile soil or seeds to grow crops! They all were in distress and what’s worst is that they don’t live in a farm they live in a cottage where it’s surrounded by deep thick forests. Mother was too tired to share and so was Father. So they had a plan.
 “Come on! We’ve ran out of food and it’s all because Pansel and Mretel are eating it all up!” Exclaimed Mretel.
“That’s true Gretel. How about we have a plan of getting rid of both of them!” Answered Hansel.
The parents Pansel and Mretel didn’t hear them so they didn’t know. Since the children were the boss of the house since Hansel and Gretel were too nice.
 The next morning the children said with a grin “How about you go outside and get some berries for us so we don’t run out of food”
“Sure” answered Hansel.
“OH this is going to be great.” The children thought with a smile getting wider on their faces. But off went Pansel and Mretel to the woods. There were mysterious sounds and snakes slithering. Both Hansel and Gretel were shivering and scared stiff as ice.
“Bonkers!!” Pansel shouted and scared the daylights out of Mretel(The good thing was that Pansel read the book Hansel and Gretel.
“What is it Pansel my dear?” Mretel questioned with confusion.
“We’ve just been tricked and I remember a story exactly like the one we are in.” Answered Pansel. “And now we have to find a cottage that a witch tries to eat us”
While Pansel and Mretel are tired Father and Mother are having a party.They were so glad about their success they cried. While Pansel and Mretel kept on searching and searching. “OH Father and Mother are going to be in so much trouble when we get back home!” Mretel thought .Pansel and Mretel walked and walked until their legs were sore and lazy. When it was raining hard and they thought witches were doing a curse so they followed the storm. But they finally found a witch and so they were so happy they quickly told the witch
“Witch will you please try to eat us so we could go back home, please?”
“Nonsense! I still have business to do with Sleeping Beauty” answered the witch. So off went Pansel and Mretel to go to another witch. They searched and searched until they found another witch. They asked the same thing and the witch replied
“Nonsense! I still have business to do with Cinderella.”  Well Pansel and Mretel still didn’t give up hope they searched and searched until a fairy came.
“Oh brother” moaned Pansel
“Are you trying to find your way back home to your son and daughter? Well I have a spell just for that. So ta-ta” said the fairy and the fairy disappeared like water being evaporated and left a bottle saying “Back home bottle”. ” I hope this works” Thought Mretel. So both Pansel and Mretel were flying high like a bird soaring through the sky and being happy and finally they found their way back home. What Pansel and Mretel didn’t know is that there was a warning on the piece of glass they drank that the fairy left and it said “Don’t drink if you do you will either get sick or be the worst person ever” And Pansel knew that but Mretel still didn’t have the warning. So Pansel is now aware of fairies but not Mretel.