Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prisoner in a Beautiful Country

It's hard to believe that in the beautiful place like this we have to watch our steps every single time. This is the country where you can walk outside, breath the fresh air under the sunshine without the sun burn.

Freedom is a privilege

Even in a park packed with people, a young man was stabbed on the face by a drunk guy who asked for money, and nobody would help. That young man had even offered the stabber to take his car keys and take whatever he wants. Meanwhile, in a place that no one consider crime could happen freely, gang of robber can just knocked down the victim by gun and took his belonging right in front of security guard of a well-known hotel. Again, nobody could do anything at the time.

This is the country where people are spoiled with free education and health service, subsidized groceries, near-to-nothing fuel cost, and even free money. But then, they think they can do anything they want, take anything they want, even other man's life, in order to get something as meaningless as cellphone, car or money. What went wrong here...

Freedom is indeed a privilege

Many people have their own security guard, who look after them every time they go out. Security business is a big business as well. Still, God knows whether these security guards will be able to help in case of kidnapping or robbery where guns are involved.

So only to Allah SWT we can look for protection, as nobody can guarantee that.

Freedom is a privilege, indeed. 

So which favor of your Lord will you deny? Ar-Rahman 55:13