Friday, October 21, 2011


I guess in every single day we are reminded that there are so many new things that we should learn in this world and we have nothing compare to Allah SWT's knowledge.

I just came back from a Parent-Teacher Conference. I'm glad I spent my time to learn more about what are my kids doing in school and what is the purpose of every task. And I learned something new about how some subjects are done totally different from my time.

One striking thing is when I learned about their Literacy program. They are using Lucy Calkins methods, which is despite of many argumentation out there still struck me with the fact that basically my kids are taught to read and write as part of their daily life in order to prepare them for the future. Again there's no best single way to teach kids how to be a great reader and writer, but the general philosophy here is make sense.

They know that read is the most important activity if human want to improve their own and their life. So it's important to invest our effort, money and times, to 'teach' our kids to read with internal motivation, with deep thinking and self reflection on how they perform. So instead of focusing 'only' on reading comprehension, they also learn how to read something 'behind' or beyond the words. And in order to achieve that level of reading, the students are learning how to listen means hear attentively and understand what others say, as well as be aware of what happen around them.

As a muslim we believe that it's the first word that Gabriel told to Muhammad: Iqra = read. Iqra = read = learn, literally like from books, from a classroom, and beyond the words like when you learn from people, from the nature, from the sky, from the space, and so on. Learn, until your time is up = in our graveyard. I live with this saying around me, but it always amazing when you found out again and again that it IS true.

So, basically I'm grateful that my kids have this opportunity to learn how to read the best way they can, that I'm  reminded once again that learning is one of our daily goal, that read is something that we should do as a joyful habit.