Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking at The World from Another Point of View

I got this new app called Lomo Lomo. I remember about two years ago my nephews got crazy of this analog camera called Lomo that cost them fortune and I still don't get it why these girls need this expensive toys. Now getting  the Lomo software for free really makes me feel good :) and understand why it's so fun to explore the endless possibility of Lomo.

One thing that I love about this kind of camera,  and lenses to be exact, is the fact that you can capture totally a 'usual' scene with an extraordinary result. It will take you to see the world with someone else's eye. One of the Lomo's lovers quote that like is "everything (you captured) is amplified".  It makes me wonder if we can apply this concept in life too.

We can easily fall into a boredom of keep doing same things or routines every single day. But if you amplify each moment, maybe not each but at least one per day, it will give you new energy somehow. For example, I almost getting tired do my routine: take care of my kids, doing chores, make sure everybody in my family stay healthy and so on and so on. But one day, it was amplified by seeing my son stepping down from the school bus wearing a headpiece that massive enough to be seen from outside the bus window. What I learn from that is he knows exactly that one or more people could teased him by wearing that 'silly hat'. But I could imagine what he'd said "You now what, I made this by myself and I'm wearing it. Is that bothering you?" So learning his carefree spirit really made my day. Now everyday at least I try to make something big out of small thing, just like Lomo has given me eyes to see the world from another point of view.

Enjoy the slide show!
The sharpness is slightly reduced due to resizing of the video as well as my getting old eyes :)