Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's not easy to say that we're home

Home is where you want to come after long day of work on the road. Home is the place where you can feel safe, secure and even better pampered. Home is the place where we'll be taken care.
Honestly, this country that we live now is pretty, with such a nice weather and beautiful people. But I think it's not easy to call this place our home. The feel of uncertainty and insecurity really bothering me. Every time my husband has to go abroad for work I always become cranky like a baby unfed. I'm striked by that fact, but lately I realize that I just don't feel safe here.

I don't know how people here handle this situation, but seeing them become more and more apathy and ignorance, maybe that's how they adjust to the situation. I'm amazed that the government can expropriate any businesses or factories or houses or lands  just like that. How can you feel secure of your self then? Not to mention that the inflation going high and high every time.

Due to the torrential rain that causing lots of death and homeless people, the school is closed since last week. I understand the need of decreasing traffic and density of people on the street in case of emergency to reach certain area, for that's why the school is closed. My deep condolences also goes to those who directly affected by the landslides and flood. But instructed them to go to hotels and empty apartments nearby and just use it, it's not a wise thing to do. What kind of mentality that we teach to them? Using school for temporary shelter is understandable, but closing school up to next year and sacrifice national education is not a the best option. There are churches, mosques or temples that can provide as shelters, besides gigantic baseball stadiums, as well as malls. Why choose schools and sacrifice our kids education, our future? And why in this kind of situation, still the 'rich' is blamed of being rich and 'selfish', meanwhile they are who now trying to collect donations, and in the other hand being so worried of their properties or bussiness that can be taken by government anytime?

I do blame those, rich or poor, who's not care and insensitive, eg. enjoying some musical concerts while on the other part of the country some people are struggling with basic needs and cleaning up their home from mud and dirt believe me there are some people who did that in this kind of situation). But take over people's belonging is not better than that.


Fir'aun NgebLoG said...

kunjungan perdana,

salam kenal dari bandung,
ditunggu kunjungannya yach,
terima kasih :-)

tukangecuprus said...

Hmm, that's weird.