Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Periodic mood change :)

There were times when I felt not the best feeling that I can. Somehow, many things can often influence my confidence. I guess it's normal for us to be concern of what other people may think about us, as long as it's not affecting our belief and confidence. But sometimes it just really bothers me.

I mean I used to work, and I love my job very much. Being full time lecturer and 'part time' dentist ;) really fulfilled my life. I love to learn, so campus is the best place that I can be, learning new things every day, from everyone. At the time we made decision that I better follow my husband, after all the time he traveled by himself, I thought it is the best decision that I've ever made. Being a full time mum and a so-called expat wife, really is a privilege. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my time with my family, watching the kids growing every day and be there whenever they need me are some of the priceless things that I believe is not for everyone. I still believe it's a best decision.
But when some facts about my profession or some news from my colleagues hit me, it really hit me hard! And I can't stand the feeling of... you know, lack of confidence and also left behind, somehow.

O well...  I think it's time for me to reconnect to those I love to expands my sense of who I am.