Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After long break

It's time to write again :) So today, I went to Radica's Pottery in Chaguanas with kinders. It's a great experience! Using maxi taxi from Mr James, fyi it's a good one, off we go from school at 9 am. The kids were so excited though it was quite a journey. So we sang, we played I spy, even take a little nap on the bus :) Radica's Pottery is like family pottery, they made pots, plates, etc. But in this Divali time, they make a lot of diyas (small clay pot with oil that lit for Divali). So the kids saw the clay, touched it, saw how it wedged and made one diyas each. Yipeee.... But wait, I saw Ms Mouttet and Ms Khan did it too, and ooo... mums took turn as well :) So everyone had a very good time. Although a kitten came and distracted most of us.

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