Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladies Trip to Ajoupa

It's almost a month before Flora leave the country, so we want to take her explore the island as much as possible :) Last week, Adam Williams, our pottery teacher, had an exhibition together with Bunty form Ajoupa Pottery. On the same day, Picasso Plein Air Painting also planned to have a session at Ajoupa. What a perfect arrangement! On the day, it was raining all morning....after all the sunny days before. The best thing to do at that time was cuddling under the blanket on bed :) But off we go to Ajoupa, all ladies with all painting and picnic supplies. The place is great! The display are nice... Unfortunately our favorite pieces was away too expensive than my budget for pottery :( So I ended up with a piece from Adam, with his sign, and two plates from Bunty. How about the painting? Actually I was tempted to follow Peter. He drew under an umbrella behind the bush. But since I had a camera in my hand, I prefer to use it and left my sketch book inside my bag. But I was quite happy for the picture that I got. Unfortunately, Flora and her daughter, who is a very talented artist, decided not to draw at all. But I really hope she's happy with the vase that she bought from Bunty. It really looks like her piece from Adam's class. It was a great time together. Really hope can spend more time with them.

Friday, June 5, 2009