Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Fun Art Class

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Pfffuuhh...what a week, with the flu, etc. I should apologize because I'm sooo late in posting this. As I mentioned here, I join this art group with Hemali as the teacher. And sadly last week is our last class, since she's moving to Alaska, Flora's moving to Spain and Holly's going back and forth from States. So, last moment should be well recorded, right? Especially when you have a really great time together. We finished our Trini's style street scene, actually it's a Trini's house painting. Everyone have gorgeous painting, and sweet souvenir to be brought back home. Flora with her clean and precise painting of gingerbread house (like always she has the cleanest space among us), Chris also has the same house but with her fun, enjoyable style of working (it's really inspiring to see her doing her work in such a easy breezy way :) which turned out to be a great painting) and Ann with her neat, sharp and bright St James' house (I can see where Lena get her intelligence). And the most important is we're happy :). I'm thinking about Holly's painting, and I remember her bright and bold fisherman boat, also the colorful leaves from Trini. I should ask her about that. A week before, Hemali made her special last class' breakfast *unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. With her banana bread, cheese pie and...special award for everyone! What a lovely surprise :) It is impressive how precise she notice every single strength of each student. I would never be able to find a teacher like her. No bad words, at all; only encouraging words. Even when we've tired of our own painting and nearly desperate, she could always find a bright side and made us continue the work. So special thanks and appreciation for lovely Hemali, who had showed me the fun side of painting/drawing and make me start to learn appreciating art more than before. I'll post the result later and for now enjoy the class scene (some of the photos remind me of my early years in school :)) *I wrote this blog to learn English, so please correct me if I'm wrongly write something :p

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