Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday boys and busy mum :)

Yes, my boys' birthdays are only separated by one day (Farhan on 26th and Arif on 27th). It's good if you can make one birthday party for them. But because somehow they are different person and have a different personality too, sometimes it's only make my life went crazy :) Like this year, we had decided that no birthday party, we only buy presents that they really want and I would send cakes to Arif's class on Monday. But you know, children change their mind a lot. So practically we have two unplanned celebration: one with my Quran Study group (since Alfa kindly made the Spongebob Cake for the boys), one with the kids from next door (since we planned to slide on Sunday and thought it would be fun to ask them too); and two other planned 'party' in school on Monday. I didn't realize how crazy it could be until I baked 3 pans of cake, decorated it on Sunday and Monday morning (and realize I didn't have anything to prettify the cake besides cream cheese and limited amount of icing sugar, and no food coloring or else besides sprinkles :0 waaaak! No store open in Trinidad on Sunday, especially on 4 pm!!!!). Send the cakes to Farhan's class in the morning, went back home to decorate the other cake and went back to school to send the cake to Arif's class and set up the table. I ended the day by starring on piles of pans, bowl and other baking equipment in my kitchen. What a perfect day! It's a real challenge for me (especially with homework of 2 paintings from Hemali's class and 1 block of quilt from Cherri's class in my hand), but you know what, I enjoyed it somehow. The challenge of juggling between the tasks is really fun! Especially when the boys came back home and said: that's the best cake I've ever had and my friends really like it!!! Thank you mum! It's really worth to do :) Then I really grateful to Allah for everything I have today. And I can answer the question of why didn't I have them both born on the same day :p
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indra prima said...

:-) Well, I dont know what will happen to me in the next couple of years... Since my lil girl Aisha's birthday, my birthday, and my wife's birthday are also in a row... 6-7-8 of April!!!

Hehehe, biar Ibunya saja yang repot kali ya dok :-D

*And our anniversary is also on 27th of April??? (pestanya akhir bulan aja kali yeee biar seru!)

EPHO's said...

@ Indra PP: walah, kok bisa akur banget begitu!!! Buat bapaknya ini rapelan pesta. Buat mamanya, judule mumet :) Anyway, happy birthday ya Ndra, nyonya Indra dan Aisha. Happy anniversary juga!

adhi said... this story...


farhan n arif beruntung sekali punya ibu seperti mbak epho..haha..

eh,,kapan2 buatin aku kue juga ya mbak!!


wah sama mbak,,sama2 suka tantangan "juggling between the task" heheeh..