Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another activity to get the most of my stay :)

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I found a great teacher in pottery: Adam Williams, thanks to Holly. And I became his student for a while. It's fun, especially when he let us work as crazy as we can :) And the wheel, it's scary but I begin to like it. Adam is a great teacher, always encouraging and open minded. He made each session exciting, although we always exhausted every time the class is over :) And I have to mention that Adam is a very kind and sweet person. One day I had to bring Arif with me, after I asked Adam of course. And you know what, Arif ended up doing pottery as well with us. Adam kindly provided the glaze and the clay and everything, for free :) Arif really enjoyed it and he proudly told his brother that he was doing pottery with mummy. Actually there are times that feels like I'm in my first year on dental school, with plaster of paris, carving etc, but with more fun teacher. Thanks Adam!

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