Monday, April 6, 2009

JB Fever

After 2009 Kids' Choice Awards, my boys got crazy about Jonas Brother. If I were a girl, I would love them too *who can resist cute face?. But honestly, I don't understand why boys could become their fan as well. The other thing is I don't thing some performers are appropriate for such a kid show :( *Pussycat Dolls on KIDS' Choice Awards? I don't think so. Burnin' Up? I don't think the song is for the kids. Burp Zone? I try hard to teach the kids to be polite, and there is a burp competition on the show. Instead of arguing them, I just could accept their choice for now. One advantage is clear, they look for the lyric and try to memorize them. Yes, even my 4 years try to sing along with his brother :) Good exercise in English, indeed.

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