Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indonesian Election

Today, my country had its third election after 1998 reformation. And this is my first election aboard. It's really such an experience. But after several times, I learned to stay on the ground. Sometimes I put too much hope on this kind of event. But now, I just use my right and do my obligation as a good citizen. I see, I do some research, I think and I choose. It's not easy to choose one over more than 40 parties *o yeah, we have more than 250 million people, so 40 is not really a bad number :) But I believe, as a human we just do our best, and God will take care the rest. I have a proof regarding this. My friend told me that he intended to choose X. But when he voted he choosed other party unintentionally. You can not tell how miserable he is. So, I could see there's a bigger power who organize everything. We just have to do what we have to do, in the very best way. Whoever win in this election, I believe it's the best for my country for this time. We still have to go through the learning process of becoming big nation. A lot of people have to learn to be a good and better citizen, including me. Just hope that the next leader will care more about educating the nation, improve the human resource quality and believe in God only.

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indra prima said...

Hellow doc Evy, it's been a long time ya Doc... And it's very suprising that we met again in this "maya" world.
Anw, I just wanna say that I'm agree with you doc about this election thing, I also believe that God will choose the best way for Indonesian.
The difference are in this election I can easily pick the party that "better" than others, as I seen so any "black campaign" in Indonesia recently, the more I believe I made the right decision last April.
Well, hope we can meet again in another time ya Doc. God Bless Indonesia!

ps: Permission to link-up with your blog :-)