Monday, April 6, 2009

Free sight free mind

My grandmother Said that I should see open sky and green landmark when I was pregnant. Why? Hopefully by freeing (?) your sight, your mind would be set free as well, and the unborn child will feel that way too. And then hopefully the child will grow as an open minded kid. True? Might be... Just like what Jason Mraz said: lucky to have been where I have been, that's what I feel now. Especially when I saw my collection of photos that I took while I'm here in Trinidad. Sometimes I just take it for granted, but when I tried to put it together it turns our pretty. And again, you can complaint about thousands things here and everywhere. What we choose is more important. So I choose to stop complaining and be grateful for every second that God has given to me. Including enjoy the sight provided to us every single day, whether there's a pinkish cloud, heavy rain, wind, bright sun, hot weather, or even the earthquake. I just ask God to give us the very best in everything :) Enjoy the picture!
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