Friday, April 24, 2009

Ladies Surprise Farewell Lunch

What a long title :) Okay, so for the last month, the girls from Hemali's art class thinking about having farewell lunch for Flora. The challenge would be how to keep it as a secret from her. But anyway, we made it last Tuesday. Yayy... Chris, Holly and I had such an experience in preparing it. It's fun and it always put a smile on my face every time I remember it. Special thanks to Holly Hill who hosted the lunch in her -full of her art work- home, and also to Chris Norman for bringing the gift, the foods AND get caught by Flora in the parking lot :D LOL Huge thanks for Bu Hanna Evans for her delicious curry, Ima Smith for the best mee goreng in Westmooring (and sharing her birthday party with us), Shagufta Iqbal for her tasty Okra dish, Kris Boucher for her healthy crunchy cookies (I grab some for my kids :)), Abeer Ali for her nice and warm cinnamon/apple cakes and cornmeal cake, and last but not least Noriko Suzuki for her fancy cookies. Another thanks is for Farida, as it was a busy day for her but she put our lunch first. I wish Flora a great time and experience in Madrid. I'm sure she'll be alright wherever she is, since she's such a very very nice person. And she'll make a lot of friends like here in Trinidad (even the guy from HiLo know her name!). I remember her kindly help when I first came to Trinidad. It was not easy for me, but she had showed me how to deal with it, and how to survive here. I can't thank Flora enough for everything. We'll miss you, Flora, but remember to always have an extra bed because we'll see you in Madrid for another ladies lunch :) Enjoy the pictures!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A very sad sad story

Laila posted a shocking story while she attempted to reach her home. It started here. I can not imagine being deported with a baby and a toddler in her hand, know nothing about what's next, in a strange place for 2 days! It's horrible, for sure :( Why it could be so difficult for some people to just go home. I know God would not let it go. If not in this world, I believe there will be fair judgment in the hereafter.

Never judge a book from its cover

Today I read Pak Wahyu's status on FB. He posted a link that make me thrilled. You can watch the video here. It's so inspiring. It proves that you can always have a dream. And if you really want it, just go for it. We have right to pursue our dream, no matter what. Don't waste the time. Don't look for an excuse. We could always say it's not a right time or a right place. There will be no such a perfect condition for all of us, for sure. So why wait anymore? Just do it, whatever the 'condition' said. This lady showed the courage to face the world and show her talent. Is it the right time for her? I don't think 47 is a good age to start a career as a professional singer like Elaine Paige *believe me, I was not the only one who thought so. Is it comfortable to see the skeptical face on the audience while she started? I don't think so *I hate the smirk upon the youngster face. In fact I just want to kick them. But she doesn't care about her age, she doesn't care about the people's thought. She just did what she believe as her chance of a lifetime. Don't let the life kill the dream you dreamed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indonesian Election

Today, my country had its third election after 1998 reformation. And this is my first election aboard. It's really such an experience. But after several times, I learned to stay on the ground. Sometimes I put too much hope on this kind of event. But now, I just use my right and do my obligation as a good citizen. I see, I do some research, I think and I choose. It's not easy to choose one over more than 40 parties *o yeah, we have more than 250 million people, so 40 is not really a bad number :) But I believe, as a human we just do our best, and God will take care the rest. I have a proof regarding this. My friend told me that he intended to choose X. But when he voted he choosed other party unintentionally. You can not tell how miserable he is. So, I could see there's a bigger power who organize everything. We just have to do what we have to do, in the very best way. Whoever win in this election, I believe it's the best for my country for this time. We still have to go through the learning process of becoming big nation. A lot of people have to learn to be a good and better citizen, including me. Just hope that the next leader will care more about educating the nation, improve the human resource quality and believe in God only.

Monday, April 6, 2009

JB Fever

After 2009 Kids' Choice Awards, my boys got crazy about Jonas Brother. If I were a girl, I would love them too *who can resist cute face?. But honestly, I don't understand why boys could become their fan as well. The other thing is I don't thing some performers are appropriate for such a kid show :( *Pussycat Dolls on KIDS' Choice Awards? I don't think so. Burnin' Up? I don't think the song is for the kids. Burp Zone? I try hard to teach the kids to be polite, and there is a burp competition on the show. Instead of arguing them, I just could accept their choice for now. One advantage is clear, they look for the lyric and try to memorize them. Yes, even my 4 years try to sing along with his brother :) Good exercise in English, indeed.

Free sight free mind

My grandmother Said that I should see open sky and green landmark when I was pregnant. Why? Hopefully by freeing (?) your sight, your mind would be set free as well, and the unborn child will feel that way too. And then hopefully the child will grow as an open minded kid. True? Might be... Just like what Jason Mraz said: lucky to have been where I have been, that's what I feel now. Especially when I saw my collection of photos that I took while I'm here in Trinidad. Sometimes I just take it for granted, but when I tried to put it together it turns our pretty. And again, you can complaint about thousands things here and everywhere. What we choose is more important. So I choose to stop complaining and be grateful for every second that God has given to me. Including enjoy the sight provided to us every single day, whether there's a pinkish cloud, heavy rain, wind, bright sun, hot weather, or even the earthquake. I just ask God to give us the very best in everything :) Enjoy the picture!
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Sky

It's amazing that the sky over my head keep changing every time. It could shows very thick, dark cloud, in the middle of the day; or blue pinkish smear cloud in the afternoon (my friend told me that the pinkish spot on the sky is very typical Caribbean sky). After a while, I realize I have quite a lot of sky photos. Inspired by Pak Wahyu, I made this mosaic for my own collection. Don't ask me who paint this beautiful sky. You should've known better. Just enjoy :)
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