Monday, March 16, 2009

Broken English

One advantage of living abroad is fluency in English. For my kids it slightly different since they have already spoken our own language. So when they have to learn new language, sometimes it's mixed up. Yesterday, my son Farhan watched a movie with my husband. And suddenly he told us that his teacher said he and Arif are the most miripest brothers in school. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled *we don't want to discourage him for sure. And what he meant was he and Arif look very similar. In Indonesia we call it 'mirip'. But when he tried to find the synonym it became miripest :D Today we picked up my husband in his office and we saw a group of Trinidadian dancing on the street. My husband told them in Indonesia, " Lihat tuh ada orang joget" (there is people dancing). And Arif asked," Why are they jogetting on the street?". It was so funny especially when you heard it from 4 years old boy. It showed me that they keep using their brain all the time and makes me so happy that they are healthy. I can not thank Allah SWT enough for the blessing :)

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