Friday, March 27, 2009

Another warn from God

We have to ask ourselves, what should we do to preserve our nature. They're sending their message all the time. Now, today, do something, anything. Even as small as sorting our garbage everyday. Or as big as think ahead before building houses in green zone and causing some people died. It feels so bad because some people didn't do their job properly and only think about the money they got. What a shame! Think ahead for our child's children. Our life is not for today only. This is our nature's last message And this is another example of bad thing we've done: Please stop torturing our environment!

1 comment:

travellous said...

Ouugh videonya bikin merinding. Ya Allah, kita tinggal di bumi yg sama, semoga yang lain bisa lebih respek akan masa depan, karena setelah ini akan ada pertanggung jawabannya.

Apa kabar nih? :)