Friday, March 27, 2009

Another warn from God

We have to ask ourselves, what should we do to preserve our nature. They're sending their message all the time. Now, today, do something, anything. Even as small as sorting our garbage everyday. Or as big as think ahead before building houses in green zone and causing some people died. It feels so bad because some people didn't do their job properly and only think about the money they got. What a shame! Think ahead for our child's children. Our life is not for today only. This is our nature's last message And this is another example of bad thing we've done: Please stop torturing our environment!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big question

I could never understand these people. They keep doing things like this and that. They think that they are better than the other. Where's in the earth that we have any right to torch human being, especially women and children? Meanwhile they shouting woman's right as an issue in Islamic world. What a contradiction. I only believe that what make a person different from the other is their good deeds that's done just because they believe in God. And that's include respecting woman and children and their right to live safely.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Broken English

One advantage of living abroad is fluency in English. For my kids it slightly different since they have already spoken our own language. So when they have to learn new language, sometimes it's mixed up. Yesterday, my son Farhan watched a movie with my husband. And suddenly he told us that his teacher said he and Arif are the most miripest brothers in school. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled *we don't want to discourage him for sure. And what he meant was he and Arif look very similar. In Indonesia we call it 'mirip'. But when he tried to find the synonym it became miripest :D Today we picked up my husband in his office and we saw a group of Trinidadian dancing on the street. My husband told them in Indonesia, " Lihat tuh ada orang joget" (there is people dancing). And Arif asked," Why are they jogetting on the street?". It was so funny especially when you heard it from 4 years old boy. It showed me that they keep using their brain all the time and makes me so happy that they are healthy. I can not thank Allah SWT enough for the blessing :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's a great place with its uniqueness

I was inspired with some words from a lady from Japan, that no matter what happened in this country and whatever people tell you about this place, it would be nice to have something to remember from the country you live in. Again you could aways complaint about anything. But it's all a matter of choices, right. Whether you want to be happy or want to be grumpy :) Most of the times, I prefer to stay home because it's safer than to hit the road and explore the city. So far I went to downtown only twice :) But, I want to make the most of my time here anyhow. Nowadays, I learn as long as I well prepared, manage my time and route, and go in a group, mostly we'll be fine. So I started to do something beyond my routines. I begin with painting/drawing class with a teacher from India. She's been here for a while, was graduate from an art school in UK and found many good things here. She's a great teacher, in term of always encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone and challenge ourselves, and always supportive considering we're all just a beginner. And she never said a bad word about our painting/drawing. Here's some of my assignment. Some of them finished with my teacher's help. Some are mine alone. I'm trying to do typical objects in Trinidad so I could bring it back home as a personalized souvenirs. But, as you can see I have to learn a lot in drawing. As an activity, drawing is fun because the end result always surprise you :) And I learn one other thing, that as long as you happy and enjoy doing it, the end result is not always important. Because you know that a 'good' painting/drawing is a very subjective matter. Hope you enjoy as much as I am when I did it. I'm looking forward of your critiques.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Port of Spain through my lens

Today I have an opportunity to 'explore' the city of Port of Spain, to take some picture for our art class. At first I thought it'll be challenging. As you know, we should be very careful here since the crime rate is very high. I can't imagine six women getting around with camera over the shoulder, especially those with SLR. We're gonna look like a bunch of tourists! But it turned out pretty safe as long as we take notice of our surroundings. Yes there's time when men called and asked for money. But thanks God we're all safe and sound :) We started from St James, which is a busy area, since a lot of shops on the side of the road. Tell you the truth at first I didn't want to use my camera here, but I think God will protect us anyway. We're good people, right? Ahead to Savannah, which is might be the largest round about in the world (3.8 km if you walk all along the walking track). There are some old buildings, that used to be known as The Magnificent Seven in Trinidad *I'm trying to find a painting form Trinidadian artist about those buildings. After that we're going toward downtown area through Tragarette to the Independence Square. It's not a very safe area, so we only took pictures from inside the car :( The people there are very interesting actually. Afterward we're having a nice lunch in Adam's Bagel, a Syrian Resto with some halal meat. So I'm pretty happy :) But, surprise surprise... my husband ask me to pick him up from a warehouse in Chaguaramas. There's a port where the private boat 'parked' (I don't know what to call it :)). So I ended this day taking some pictures from the deck of Cruise Inn Restaurant. What a perfect day! Somehow, Port of Spain is enjoyable and I'm very lucky that I've been here :) You can complaint about thousands things here, but hey, there's always a bright side in everything. So why don't we focus on the good things indeed. Enjoy the pictures!
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