Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it only me?

I still have to learn about history to understand what's the problem. But it's only your heart that you need to know what's right and what's wrong. If one could decided that he could end someone's life, I know that I should say: no one could take away someone's life beside The Owner of life, The Creator, The One and Only God. What makes certain people better than other? Nothing, except his good deeds on behalf of God. I saw interview on CNN between Palestinian blogger who has family in Gaza. I really respect her persistence and braveness. Reading her blog make me understand what's really happening there. And I think I should learn more about respecting life, respecting the difference between us and appreciate God's creation in any form. It's not about 'chasing terrorist' anymore, it's about vanishing people who are different from them. If the reason of this destruction is taking control of people who sent rockets to 'their territory', I should ask why the rocket was ever sent? Then I started to learn the history behind everything. I started to open world map around 40's and even before, looked for the facts in the region ever since, like this one. I believe, murder is prohibited, especially for everyone who believe there's The Owner of this life: human being, environment, everything in the sea, on the land, sky and beyond. No one should even try to take away a life for someone else. And the reason is enough to stop it now. The problem is the heart. Whether we still can hear it clearly or it's already closed.


F. Sestri Rahardjo said...

Evi, Could you plese get the movie in our presentation? thanks again.

Sestri said...

Mbak Evy, good evening, your vedeo has created and thanks for your kindness.