Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hoping the truth will be seen as a truth

I read this and I have to say that it's too late. Even when you started to see the smoke over the Gaza's sky, you could tell that they used something weird. Look at the picture here, and the flare on the sky most likely coming from those dangerous and forbidden weapon. Now after some people get killed and severe skin burn, they themselves will investigating it. I was wondering what's their defense for that. Especially when you read the fact like this. You can say that it might be wrong. But how if it's true? Unfortunately everything is all about money and power. Why I keep writing about this? Because my country owe the Palestinian somehow, especially in our newborn years. And I'm not sure that everyone in Indonesia realize that, including me. I'm trying to find this document now: Diplomasi Revolusi Indonesia di Luar Negeri by Ketua Panitia Pusat Perkumpulan Kemerdekaan Indonesia , by M. Zein Hassan Lc.


dini said...

iya yah,, dulu termasuk yang pertama mengakui proklamasi sukarno hatta... betoooollllll !!!!!

EPHO's said...

Mbak Din, di buku maryamah ada sejarahnya juga, ndak? Just wondering if there's any writer concern about it.

Dini said...

nggak ada klo yg menyangkut proklamasi
lebih banyak di bukunya ES Ito yang Rahasia Meede