Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hiatus or Malestikus

Not really, just think everything through. Many things has happened, unfortunately the reports were unbalanced. Distorted information is spreading everywhere. This and that are two things that not so many people know. I still do my research, and found a lot of things that shocked me. Sounds I took a side? You can say anything, but one thing I know the untold story has to reveal. Hopefully people will notice or at least I have enough knowledge to see the difference between the truth and the lies. Now what really bother me is what should I do to make my brothers and sisters in the country well educated so they will not be a victim of 'modernization' and forget their own story, culture and dignity. So we will not get fooled by other, who will only take advantage from our stupidity. *trully a fruit of my mixed feeling remembering my own country with its problem and dillema. No heaven, no countries, no religion, no possesion? Really?

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Bunda RaRa said...

no money nodong ? hahahaha