Friday, January 30, 2009

Challenge for my kids..and myself

Sometimes I thought the challenge for my kids are not as big as mine when I was young. They live quite comfortable by having a full time mum, good shelter, good foods and even toys/books. And I often worry about that. But, looking to recent condition in the whole world, it's true what My Last and Great Prophet said: your children live in their own life with their own challenge. So for them it's not about the struggle to have a proper life anymore. It's about facing the world with so many challenge, including having good personality, strong will and tolerance as well. They might live in a border less world, as 'minority' and facing a intimidation from others. And how they will maintain their own values and beliefs meanwhile learn to respect another point of view, will be their greatest challenge. My major concern is misinformation that on purposely spreading everywhere. The truth is hidden and what's wrong seems so right. How many of us just take that info for granted. I am the one of that kind of person before. Now I learn to hear from many sides before I speak out, because I believe everyone have their own interest. And when I diggest their version, I have to keep that in mind. Anyway, why bother. Just ask God to always guide my kids, make them a good people according to God's will. That's all I need to do. My regards to mums around the globe! You'll make the world a even better place when you take care of your children with love and passion. I should learn from you all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hoping the truth will be seen as a truth

I read this and I have to say that it's too late. Even when you started to see the smoke over the Gaza's sky, you could tell that they used something weird. Look at the picture here, and the flare on the sky most likely coming from those dangerous and forbidden weapon. Now after some people get killed and severe skin burn, they themselves will investigating it. I was wondering what's their defense for that. Especially when you read the fact like this. You can say that it might be wrong. But how if it's true? Unfortunately everything is all about money and power. Why I keep writing about this? Because my country owe the Palestinian somehow, especially in our newborn years. And I'm not sure that everyone in Indonesia realize that, including me. I'm trying to find this document now: Diplomasi Revolusi Indonesia di Luar Negeri by Ketua Panitia Pusat Perkumpulan Kemerdekaan Indonesia , by M. Zein Hassan Lc.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sound of desperation

Ironic. I could only pray for the best for the doctor's family. Only God knows what will happen next. God, please bring peace in everybody's heart. I still believe that they can live side by side in peace, as their grands did.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just can't believe this

I saw this video from Laila's page and it's really scared me. So who has the right to live in this earth? These people really forgot who create them in the first place, even when they mentioned God in every statement.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rame yak

Iya ya, ada yg bilang, ikut2an neeeh. Ada yg bilang urus negara sendiri aja belum bener kok, pake sok belain negara orang. Ada yg bilang nooh pergi ke Papua aja, ada gempa tuh. Ato ke Sulawesi, bantuin cari korban feri. Ada yang bilang sok fanatik, sok agamis. Muacem2 dweehh. Euleeh, meni banyak euy. Mau nangkis juga gak bisa dan ogah deh aah... Tapi yg gw liat benang merahnya adalah negara dan bangsa yg 'miskin' dan 'bodoh' dibikin makin miskin dan makin bodoh sama negara maju. Informasi dipluntir2, fakta dibolak balik, kalo ada yg panas dikit dipancing2. Ujung2nya umat dipecah belah *umat nggak cuma yang segama, tapi yg sebangsa dan yg sedunia. Masing2 ngotot merasa bener, ngata2in org lain, trus maki2an deh. Trus ntar gontok2an antar 'kita' sendiri. Padahal ada yg kegirangan di belakang layar dan seneng banget tujuannya tercapai. Sedihnya kita nggak sadar kita lagi dipermainkan sama orang2 jahat, diadu domba, ditekan, dipinggirkan. Bukannya mikir gimana caranya kita melihat perbedaan sebagi suatu potensi, tapi malah dijadikan alasan untuk memusnahkan satu sama lain. Bukannya mikir gimana caranya supaya sama2 maju, tapi malah mikir gimana caranya org lain nggak bisa maju supaya kita bisa (keliatan) maju. Bukannya mikir gimana supaya semua orang bisa hidup layak, teruus aja mikirin hidupnya sendiri gimana supaya jadi tambah, tambah, tambah, tanpa peduli akibatnya untuk orang lain. Apa tho ini? Gw pribadi yakin, kita semua sudah melakukan yg terbaik buat diri kita sendiri, buat keluarga dan buat lingkungan kita. Dan gw percaya itu. Jadi tinggal lihat orang lain sebagai sesama manusia yg hidup di dunia, dengan misinya masing2 *apapun itu, urusan pribadi ybs dengan Sang Penguasa. Pertanggujawabannya juga personal kok, nggak perlu dipublish di koran lokal. Jadi misi bersamanya adalah buat diri kita, keluarga inti kita, dan ehh sukur2 bisa nyampe ke saudara2 di sekitar kita supaya well educated, equipped with good resources of accurate information. And do whatever it takes to be a better human being. Supaya tahu bagaimana mesti bersikap di dunia yang makin tidak ada batasnya ini. *Gw sendiri pusing baca postingan ini. Tapi nggak bisa nahan jempol untuk mencet button publish.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Touch your heart, stop questioning, just stop the torture! A blinding flash of white light Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight People running for cover Not knowing whether they're dead or alive They came with their tanks and their planes With ravaging fiery flames And nothing remains Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze We will not go down In the night, without a fight You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools But our spirit will never die We will not go down In Gaza tonight Women and children alike Murdered and massacred night after night While the so-called leaders of countries afar Debated on who's wrong or right But their powerless words were in vain And the bombs fell down like acid rain But through the tears and the blood and the pain You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze We will not go down In the night, without a fight You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools But our spirit will never die We will not go down In Gaza tonight We will not go down In the night, without a fight You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools But our spirit will never die We will not go down In the night, without a fight We will not go down In Gaza tonight

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hiatus or Malestikus

Not really, just think everything through. Many things has happened, unfortunately the reports were unbalanced. Distorted information is spreading everywhere. This and that are two things that not so many people know. I still do my research, and found a lot of things that shocked me. Sounds I took a side? You can say anything, but one thing I know the untold story has to reveal. Hopefully people will notice or at least I have enough knowledge to see the difference between the truth and the lies. Now what really bother me is what should I do to make my brothers and sisters in the country well educated so they will not be a victim of 'modernization' and forget their own story, culture and dignity. So we will not get fooled by other, who will only take advantage from our stupidity. *trully a fruit of my mixed feeling remembering my own country with its problem and dillema. No heaven, no countries, no religion, no possesion? Really?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's important to be fully and accurately informed

It's important to be fully and accurately informed (a very good self alert statement that I adopted from here Educate ourselves! Do some research, on anything. I mean anything... So you know how to live side by side with different kind of human being. *I'm talking to myself here

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it only me?

I still have to learn about history to understand what's the problem. But it's only your heart that you need to know what's right and what's wrong. If one could decided that he could end someone's life, I know that I should say: no one could take away someone's life beside The Owner of life, The Creator, The One and Only God. What makes certain people better than other? Nothing, except his good deeds on behalf of God. I saw interview on CNN between Palestinian blogger who has family in Gaza. I really respect her persistence and braveness. Reading her blog make me understand what's really happening there. And I think I should learn more about respecting life, respecting the difference between us and appreciate God's creation in any form. It's not about 'chasing terrorist' anymore, it's about vanishing people who are different from them. If the reason of this destruction is taking control of people who sent rockets to 'their territory', I should ask why the rocket was ever sent? Then I started to learn the history behind everything. I started to open world map around 40's and even before, looked for the facts in the region ever since, like this one. I believe, murder is prohibited, especially for everyone who believe there's The Owner of this life: human being, environment, everything in the sea, on the land, sky and beyond. No one should even try to take away a life for someone else. And the reason is enough to stop it now. The problem is the heart. Whether we still can hear it clearly or it's already closed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve

Tahun baru, waktunya bebenah dan merefresh mindset. Tahun baru di Trinidad? Bakalan banyak party dan liming. Mosok mau ikut2an *mana kuaaat... Hawong di Jkt aja tahun baruan cuma diisi sama tidur sampai tahun depannya :) Di Trinidad, akhir tahun ini kita, keluarga Pak Lurah, keluarga Pak Ustadz dan keluarga Indo-Trinidadian Faridah Amin, kumpul bareng ngaji. Lalu malamnya Keluarga Pak Vincent Norman gabung. Alhamdulillah... senang dan semedhulur. Makanan: mie goreng Bu Flora, spageti Faridah, nastar dan kue salju Alfa, dan cakenya Pak Vincent *iya bener PAK Vincent. Alhamdulillah cukup dan kenyang. Tapi gak sempet difoto, soalnya ribet urusan dapur :) Yang gw seneng karena kita duduk makan malam kayak keluarga besar di meja makan. Ngobrol, becanda dll. Serasa lebaran di kampung *Ini juga yg bikin gw betah ngaji, biasanya di rumah Pak Wahyu, karena abis itu makan malam rame2 di meja makan. Hehehe Anak2 menikmati pertemanan dengan sesama saudara dari Indonesia *kayaknya emang beda ya, temen Indonesia dengan teman dari negara lain. Ribut, rame, nggeratak... pokoknya enjoy themselves. Malahan kadang kita bisa menikmati time for ourselves tanpa anak2 ngrecokin. Ajaib kan :) Nggak kerasa udah 15 menit sebelum midnight dan mulai kedengeran jedhar jedhor di luar. Pindahlah kita ke balkon. Ternyata tetangga dah ada yg mulai nyalain kembang api. Jadi nonton kembang api deh kita. Di sepanjang garis pantai semua lampu keliatan nyala, juga di kapal2 yg sedang antri nyandar di port. Kadang keliatan kembang apinya. Subhanallah... Jadi bersyukur, bisa hidup tenang walaupun di negara orang. Paling tidak nggak ada terror rudal, perang, dsb. Walaupun tetap prihatin karena di belahan bumi yang lain ada saudara2 yang tidak bisa tenang hidup siang dan malam. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu bagaimana akhir ceritanya. PR gw? Belajar sejarah lebih serius supaya ngerti bener apa yg sebenarnya terjadi dan tahu yang benar itu benar, di kepala dan di hati. Amin! Happy New Year!!! Fotonya bisa dilihat di sini