Monday, August 25, 2008


After we saw an amazing fact that Jakarta has a lot of new giant malls :) and faced a traffic jam almost everyday, me and my hubby thought that POS is very ... how you should call it, ya.. silent (?) city. Just check out this picture taken in the most active road in here, just like Melawai or Menteng in Jakarta, where people could hang around and eat in some resto along the street. I just hope my family could understand why we were so crazy went here and there while we were in Jakarta. Cos here, it is not easy to find something considered equal to those places in Jakarta and or Singapore :D Even for our basic needs, lho. Still we are very grateful for everything that we could have and get, now, no matter what. So in this case, we really have something to be promoted, right? At least we could earn something by promote it well. Come and shop in Jakarta. It's beyond your expectation and it's a promise! And if it is organized in a good and clean way, I think it could be one of our income generating machine for a better Indonesia. Just my opinion :)

Home alone

This morning I was on my own. A very rare thing that ever happen to me :) Both of my kids went to school :D Yup, my little baby now is a schoolboy, join his brother in ISPS. It must be hard for him, especially to have a totally different situation in school. Even I could not imagine how it is feel. Being alone in a new environment, with a different language, and no one who understand him. So I really understand when his big brother told me that Arif was crying during the school hour :( One of the biggest challenges staying abroad, especially for me, is being nervous all the time since I don't speak their language :p Not to mention the fact that sometime people see you differently, only because you look different. I hope my kids could face the challenge better than me. Ciayo kids!

A place you called home

After a month and a half spending holiday in Indonesia, we should go back to POS Trini. I was wondering, should I say this is a go 'home' journey? So what is 'home' means? A place where you was born, or a place where you live - for how long: a year or more? Actually it makes me confuse. So where's my home? Apparently it could be anywhere you like. Before I find out the answer, I face the fact that the world is our home, right? We're a world citizen anyway. So, nobody has the right to drive away someone from their own home, anywhere on this planet. Because who own this big home? The One and Only Allah SWT. Now you know it, self!