Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mumet, plus kliyengan karna kemarin malam begadang. Sedih, karena tahu in real life you live your life. I feel very blessed because I have my own little family, healthy, happy and enough of everything. I mean we have enough food to eat, enough clothes to wear, roof that protect us from rain and sun, and sometimes fancy things. My first child came in to our life just about 9 months of our marriage. Amazing, since I only have one ovarium and family history of being not easy of having children. But sometimes, I just take it for granted. I thought that was meant to be like that. Today I heard that my only sis underwent curettage because of miscarriage. I feel bad because it's quite hard for her for getting pregnant. Unfortunately it's harder when the first pregnancy should be ended like this. I thought she deserves the best doctor and service she could get, but unfortunately sometimes it just can't happened. I just don't understand why life could be like this. Here, I could get the best doctor in the world that I want, on the other hand she has to think through to stay overnight in the hospital only because the unreasonable price. Not to mention the risk of being fired, since she has to bed rested for another 2 weeks after this (she had 2 weeks bed rested before to prevent the miscarriage) The worst thing is I can't do anything! It's easy to just leave it and enjoy my life, beautiful view in front of my window and fill my stomach with unhealthy food. But who can do that, with the fact that you know your family or friends have to struggle to live their life every single day....

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