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Tạm biệt, Saigon

August 4th,
The story repeated itself.

It's time to pack and move. Unexpectedly.
After few months that felt like ages, the news came on one fine day.
Our time in Saigon was up.
KL would be our next home.

So many things left to be done in Saigon.
Yet, what  we have done is very fulfilling.
I learned so much more about myself, who I am, and took a little step at a time to put myself out there. One thing for sure, pushing the envelope can be rewarding at the end.

Surprisingly, I learned about my religion more than anywhere I've been lived.
I got better understanding about Islam, redefined what I believe and got to know people who follow this religion (who are not necessarily represent Islam).
And all these were done in a communist country, Vietnam. Who would've known?

So many memories made with so many kind-people along the way.
Every single person I met in Saigon was designed to touch my heart and shape my character.
It's truly a bless and I'm very grateful for it.


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